No Player Pos Bats Throws
14 Andrew Alexander IF/P/OF R R
8 Sheldon Belanger IF/P/OF R R
55 Dan Boucher IF/OF R R
24 Richard Byrnes P/OF/IF L R
2 David Chantigny IF R R
0 Felix Collins R R
6 Kevin Furtney P/IF L R
4 Yves Gagne OF R R
0 Shane Gagnon R R
88 Nico Hall OF L R
15 Nathan Hookimaw IF/OF R R
0 Chad Howson R R
11 Jason Howson OF/P R R
0 Gary Huskow R R
0 Mason Koostacin R R
0 Tyson Leach R R
42 Andrew Lucking IF/P/OF L L
21 Tyler Marcotte IF/OF R R
12 Trevor Mcnulty OF R R
1 Stephen Morgan IF L R
87 Cedric Morin OF R R
28 Joey Ouellette IF/OF R L
7 Dave Quachegan P/OF/IF R R
3 Simon Romero IF/P R R
9 Keenan Roy OF/IF R R
13 Thomas Scripnick OF/P/IF L R